personalized services for streamers

Clean, consistent and unique looks to make your stream space reflect your personality.

Unique landing pages that let your viewers keep up to date with you and your streams.

One-on-one tutorials and assistance to make streaming as stress free as possible.

be|muse is Sabrael D. Carroll, better known as rabbitDumpling: Twitch streamer, sassy online personality and creative designer. I started designing and working with OBS Studio when I decided to start streaming part-time. With my own stream, I've delighted in crafting unique scenes to compliment the games I am showcasing to my audience. But I've been asked more than once how I do what I do, and honestly, I love teaching people! But sometimes you need a little help, and that is where be|muse comes in. I won't say I am the grandmaster of streaming, but I am always learning new tricks and am happy to share my talents with others.


Streaming can be intimidating. Starting from scratch to build a personality, an audience, and a brand can seem like an impossible task. Treating yourself professionally, and putting your best foot forward can let your audience know how much effort you are putting in for their entertainment. This can be hard, but just a little help along the way can help relieve the pressure. Bigger channels with audiences in the thousands can easily find ways to get this help, but I believe that every channel, big or small, deserves the support it needs to be successful. I want to help provide that support, with flexible pricing and customizable package deals meant to fit your needs.


Being a visual medium, streaming requires graphics. For onscreen graphics, profile headers, and even social media banners, I can help! Whether you need a completely new design from scratch or want to use a piece of commissioned art you love, I can make sure it looks great and represents you at your best. In addition to my own talents, I partner with a number of reliable commission-based artists to provide a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Web Design

Between social media links, links to special projects and links to your stream, a single convenient place to send viewers sure could come in handy. I offer streamer sites that redirect to your domain of choice, or you can have one with here at! On top of that, I can also set up short URLs that you can customize and share through your favorite bots or pass around on social media.

OBS Studio

A lightweight yet very versatile resource for streamers, OBS Studio is among the best free options for streaming software. While it doesn't have a steep learning curve, it can prove tricky to get your look and design just right. I offer one-on-one consultation as well as tutorials for learning the ins and out of OBS Studio, allowing you to become as much of an expert as you want to be.

OBS Studio also runs Scenes, which organize your streaming content and how it looks to your viewers. Custom designs for these scenes are one of my signature offerings here: clean, consistent, and 100% you. I can include any extras you want to showcase while making sure it fits your theme, be it your personal style or to match a particular game.

Audio/Video Editing

As a live medium, streaming is great! But sometimes you need your video to live on well after the stream is over. Whether you need to extract and clean up the audio of a stream or cut up your stream to repost to YouTube or other platforms, I can help you out. Highlight reels from a collection of videos or audio and some post-production are among the other options I offer.

Additional Support

There are lots of other useful services be|muse has to offer. Streamlabs provides easy ways to import widgets into your stream to show announcements of new subscribers, recent donators and even goals for donations or followers. Your Twitch profile can provide a huge draw for new viewers but letting them know what you are all about, but getting it all down right can be hard. Any additional support you may be considering, I can provide my best assistance for whatever you need. I am always learning about new tools and tricks of the trade and am happy to let you benefit from that knowledge.


You can get a free primary consultation just by reaching out to me at We can outline what you want help with, what your budget is and move forward from there. Since my goal is to work with streams of all audience sizes, I am happy to work within your budget.