be|muse Links

Sharing links is an easy way to get information to your viewers. Between social media profiles and links to important sites, a single convenient place to send viewers can come in handy. That is where be|muse Links comes in! be|muse Links are fast-loading light-weight landing pages you can link people to find everything you want to share.

be|muse Links start at $50

The Basic Bundle

Your be|muse Links page is all yours to customize. All the colors: gradient background, link buttons, fonts, all of them are yours to decide! Since we use Font Awesome in our designs, you can include a variety of icons in the link text of your page, including social media logos for easy reference. Meanwhile, the header will your Twitch avatar for consistent branding. In addition to that, you can freely include another graphic of your choice in your footer.

All this will be wrapped up and launched at a subdomain of your choice, that way you can easily link to an easy to remember site at On top of that, you can set-up any number of redirects, so that can lead to wherever you need it to. This makes sharing complex URLs even easier, while still bringing traffic to your profile.

Upgrade Your Site

In addition to our standard package, we also allow for more advanced customizations such as custom background graphics, fonts, and even discounts on custom branding icons for your footer. Feel free to include any special requests when we are designing your site and we can make it happen.

Want to brand your domain as well? We can easily set-up a completely custom domain, whether it is one you already own or one you one to purchase, we can help you set it up.